what we do

Simon Hearn can offer a service for every need. From a consultancy role to the full-blown design and build package.

past projects

Opel Life, Frankfurt Spanish Space Centre Singapore Science Centre Leicester Space Centre Transdemonium, Parc Asterix Sundown Pets Theme Park Madame Tussauds, London Docklands Museum, London Farmer Studios Ltd, Leicester


We can advise and assist on any level. Analysing existing concepts or briefs for feasibility or to suggest effective alternatives and ways forward.


We offer a complete design service, we are able to: liase direct with designers or clients; build prototypes without drawings; create models to prove theories; produce drawings from sketchwork, to acurate drawings for final construction.


With each project our manufacturing skills have grown over the years and we now pride ourselves on a close attention to detail, finish and durablity, all within a fast turnaround.